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MDF (Medium Density Fibre) board is a commonly used particle board. Moisture Resistant MDF is used in places with high humidity levels. In comparison to standard MDF, Moisture Resistant MDF (or MR MDF) contains a moisture-repellent resin which gives it a better moisture resistant rating. However, MR MDF shouldn’t be mistaken to be water resistant as it’s still prone to swelling and warping if in direct contact with such elements.

Key Features
• Contains a moisture-resistant repellent for use in places with high humidity levels
• Easy to fix with glues and screws
• Can be cut to suit various shapes and forms
• Easy to sand
• Takes well to most adhesives, paints and veneers
• Light surface makes marking easy to see

Application Moisture Resistant MDF can be used in places such as; kitchens, bathrooms, boiler rooms and laundry rooms. Its moisture-repellent properties lend it advancement above standard MDF material. Can be cut, moulded and manipulated using industrial power tools or general hand and power tools. Making sure that all edges are sanded smooth after cutting will provide a clean and smooth finish when applying paints. Doing so prevents any harmful fibres being released from the board. In terms of fixings, screws and biscuit dimensions should be taken into consideration, in order to maintain a clean finish.

Environmental MDF is made from recycled offcuts, sawdust, wood chippings and from trees not suitable for other uses. Different manufacturers list how much recycled material goes into their products. MDF is considered a green product and environmentally friendly.

Safety Correct PPE should always be used when using MDF. Its harmful fibres are known to cause health issues so goggles and dust masks are required. A respirator with a P2 Filter rating should be considered compared to a disposable dust mask. It is recommended that any cutting is undertaken in a well-ventilated area.

Description MDF Primer

• For spray and curtain coater application
• Very quick drying
• Ideal as first coat barrier on MDF in pigmented systems, in order to reduce fiber substrate. Particularly suitable as first barrier coat on MDF in pigmented systems, to reduce fiber substrate absorption and rising. Particularly suitable for milled and unframend areas, where it can be sanded 15 minutes after application already.


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